Respect.Thank.Love.Heal. A Ceremony for the Waters

Here is an upcoming event Respect.Thank.Love.Heal. Water Ceremony on the New Moon in Pisces, March 20, 2015 at 6PM at Martinique Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada. Join us, or dedicate yourselves to being with a water body, glass of water, or bath tub near you, and create your own version by yourselves or with friends. This Water Ceremony is being brought to the Community on behalf of Mother Earth by Circle Works, in collaboration with the women attending Moon Circles on our Land.

heART for eARTh

Join us, and women and men around the World, to gather on the New Moon in Pisces, March 20, 2015, to pray for The Healing of Our Waters. We will be gathering at Martinique Beach, on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia to pray, chant and raise energy for the healing of all Waters of Mother Earth. The ocean-side event will be followed by a pot luck feast at our Cabin on East Petpeswick Road. Please feel free to circulate this invitation to any friends or like-minded groups that you feel may be either willing to attend The Ceremony for Waters we are hosting, or who would like to host their own Ceremony in Solidarity on that day.

Healing Our Waters

Feel… Waters… Flow…

Oceans. Lakes. Falls.

Rivers. Streams. Brooks. Ponds.

Rains Sprinkling…Snows Flaking…

Recognize Waters of Body…


Humans. All Life. Needs…Water Everyday.

Preserve. Cherish. Protect. Love. Defend.

We Are One.


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We believe Personal Healing is vitally
 Connected to Healthy Families and Communities, and isInterwoven with Revitalizing our Relationship
 to Mother Earth.

fyre.face.cata (2)

Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline, RSW. PhD. DVATI. Director

Fyre Jean has over 30 years experience as an adult educator, 35 years experience as a counselor, consultant, artist, activist and advocate. Author of Circle Works: Transforming Eurocentric Consciousness (1998) and Healing Wounded Hearts (2005) and numerous other publications.  Enthusiastic about art-based healing methods, stengthening cultural identity, and revitalizing helpers to carry on with the necessary work of supporting personal and societal change.

Michele Graveline

Michele Graveline, Associate. BA Honors., RHN, Master Herbalist, MA in Ed

Michele has 20 years experience as a herbalist, alternative health and wellness facilitator and advocate, committed ecologist and holistic educator. Inspired to organize and facilitate workshops helping people heal through reconnecting to Earth Mother. She is a published author and has several years of participatory community based research.


Liliami, Associate. RN, CNNP.

Liliami practiced for 35 years as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner now retired, Liliami has healed herself from terminal ovarian cancer through alternative/complementary health practices. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of health and holistic healing with a positive attitude. Liliami is also an inspired fabric and metal artist.

Elizabeth Blaney

Elizabeth Blaney, Associate. BA, MAdEd, Ph

Elizabeth has over 25 years experience as a researcher, adult educator, social activist, and community empowerment worker in women’s communities. Currently dedicated to supporting women to end violence and transform the justice system, and as an ally with Indigenous peoples to defend and protect Mother Earth.

Amber Graveline

Amber Graveline Research Assistant. BA.

Amber is a recent university graduate with a double major in gender studies and cultural anthropology. She brings a youthful perspective to Circle Works. For the last three years Amber has been on a holistic healing journey following bone cancer. She offers quality research skills, creative communications and workshop support, and is currently studying several metaphysical arts, including astrology and flower essences.

Yvette Graveline

Yvette Graveline Administrative Assistant

With over 25 years experience in administrative support, and 10 years in management,
Yvette will be providing financial record keeping to ensure the accountability necessary for the smooth operations of Circle Works.